Dinosaur Warfare! Contest!

I am currently working on a rough draft for a science fiction adventure series tentatively titled “Dinosaur Warfare!” The crew of a stolen ship crash lands on a remote planet terraformed to a include an ecosystem filled with prehistoric creatures.

Captain Ambrose Weaver leads a group of refugees in a bold struggle for survival against dinosaurs, aliens, and the unknown.

Survivors need names! What I’m looking for are names for some of the survivors and crew of The Aequitas. Man or woman, I want suggestions. Will they get eaten by a spinosaurus? Swallowed by a titanboa? Will they ride a velociraptor armed with plasma cannons into battle?

This is just for fun and winner(s) will have the name(s) I like best placed in this series. They might be side character or they might become part of the important ensemble.

Comment suggestions here or find me on Twitter or my author page on Facebook!

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