Review: Babylon Blues by Kit Sun Cheah

Here we have a cyberpunk epic from Kit Sun Cheah. It’s the first tome I’ve read from this author, and I do mean tome. This book is a beast. It is a collection of six action-packed novels collected into one volume. Every one of them could stand on their own and every single one is immensely satisfying. Keep that in mind if you are taken aback by the price. You aren’t buying just one book, you are buying six fantastic books.

My experience with cyberpunk before this book was limited to the Keanu Reeves movie Johnny Mnemonic and the music video for Billy Idol’s Shock to the System. So… very limited. Thankfully, Kit Sun Cheah decided to go and completely own the genre.

At the start, we’re thrown into a dark, bleak, horrifying future where technology and mankind are blended together in dehumanising ways and cosmic horrors masquerading as gods push and pull mankind like pathetic flesh puppets. Standing against them is the Special Tasks Section, an elite police force that specialises in bringing down husks, people who have been turned into monsters by the New Gods. Think of a Faustian bargain offered by a Lovecraftian abomination and you get an idea of what the STS is dealing with.

You get plenty of guns and action and, thankfully, the author knows his terminology. You also get my favorite action hero in a long time: Yuri Yamamoto, part mystical samurai, part crusading paladin. Every time Yuri takes out a blade or his silver cross, awesome happens. Sometimes what he does reads like poetry, at other moments the words on the page are like fireworks. There were times I had to reread passages because they were so good.

Highly recommended for fans of cyberpunk, Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International, or Dan Abnett’s Warhammer 40K work. Or, I’d imagine, anybody looking for an absolute blast. The action is less gorey than the aforementioned, but no less exciting. The supernatural elements had me grinning at how well they were handled. Not an easy thing to do. At the end of the final story, White Cross, you’re left feeling like you just watched an immensely satisfying series finale that could stand on its own or drag you into what could be an insane second season.

Also, the cover is awesome.

Buy a copy here and keep an eye on the author’s other work. I will certainly be doing so.

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