Review: Gideon Ira: Knight of the Blood Cross by Adam Lane Smith

In a world where the veil between humanity and demons has been severed, knights stand against the demonic forces that threaten to devour mankind. Gideon Ira is one such knight.

Adam Lane Smith gives us an absurdly action-packed story set in a dystopian future. Demons act as warlords, ravaging and raiding towns and villages, taking humans for their bloody sacrifices. It’s a grim future, but one that is well built and imagined. Throughout there are wonderful tidbits of information thrown at the reader, giving just enough of a tease to the woes befallen the world to genuinely intrigue and amuse. References to previous missions and adventures also serve to immerse the reader in a world that is surprisingly well-developed for what is a fairly quick read.

The author’s understanding of human psychology paints some wonderful side characters. They all felt like real people. If given just a glimpse of motivation the characters are realistic, sympathetic, and fully realized. Even a character beaten down into despair has motivations that make sense.

If you like action, this book has loads of it. From tense stealth scenes to big brawls, the action is plentiful and varied. The demonic monsters are frightening and grotesque. The only real complaint I have about the book is that I found the descriptive nature of some of the violence to be excessive. I’m not likely to forget that cultists have intestines and are filled with blood. Other than that, the reader is treated to some very fun stuff here.

As someone who enjoys stories about knights destroying monsters, I recommend this book. If you don’t like stories about knights destroying monsters, this book might just change your mind. It is billed as a heavy metal Christian pulp adventure and the designation if fitting. The action hardly lets you stop for a breather and Christianity is portrayed in a positive light, especially as a force for good against terrible evil.

Cry “Deus vult!” and buy your copy here.

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